Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

The children’s safety is a concern to all of us. The expectation is that drivers will respond to traffic signs and they will be cautious when approaching the school area. As parents, it is reasonable to expect a safe “drop-off” zone for the children. Hence, the question: “Where can I stop in order to off load my child(ren)?”

Parking Lot Procedures

Please follow the following procedures for the pick up/drop off of students. These procedures help ensure the safety of all students.

Drop Off

Cars should not be using the bus lanes after bus arrival times.

  • Avoid dropping off students in the parking lot.
  • Students should be dropped off beside a sidewalk.

At no time should cars be parked or stopped along the front of the school. The yellow striped area is an emergency/fire route and the non-striped area is a through lane.

Pick Up at 3:30 p.m.

Parents who pick up their children after school, should fill all available Parking spaces. Buses will load at the West end of the drive allowing vehicles to proceed cautiously out of the West exit. Sidewalks must be kept free for bus loading at 3:30 p.m.

Please do not wait immediately outside the gate or in front of the school entrance. Advise your child(ren) that they should meet you on the other side of the front walkway. (around the driveway between the community centre and us) It is very difficult to supervise students when there are so many adults crowding the gate. Thank you for helping us out by adhering to these procedures. With your cooperation, we can provide maximum safety for your children, during these busy times.