May 3- 7th the YCDSB celebrates Education Week – “Nurturing Hope”

Students at St. Charles Garnier students showcase their work on  HERE through a STREAM Slideshow.  The five sub themes of Catholic Education Week use images connected to the tending of a garden to illustrate the theme of Nurturing Hope.  Preparing the Earth — When we plant a garden, we have to remove all the stones and stuff in the earth that will stop new growth.  We need to let go of what we no longer need.  Sowing Seeds of Gratitude —  Once we have prepared the earth for planting, we select which seeds we will sow.  We are thankful for the hope that helps us to look forward to what’s ahead.   Cultivating Relationships — Once we have planted a garden we need to ensure it receives all the things that will help it to grow.  We reflect on ways to show care and respect for the earth and one another.  Harvesting New Fruit — Once the seeds, the sun and the rain have worked together there is fruit and/or vegetables to harvest.  Difficult times can transform us and teach us new skills and insights.  Marvelling in Wonder — When all the planting, growing and harvesting is complete, we can sit back and marvel at all the goodness we have.  The beauty and mystery of Creation nurtures our hope.