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Anti-Bullying Awareness

ANTI BULLYING AWARENESS.pdf From November 20 to November 24, we will be having “Anti-bullying Awareness Week”.  The students in Ms. Sborodne’s class will take the lead in helping all students reflect on Catholic values such as respect, kindness, and compassion. We are encouraging all students and staff to participate in our theme days.   See attached letter for more information.

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Christmas Families

This Christmas fill your heart with the joy of giving.  SCG will continue the tradition of giving to families in need.  Each division is sponsoring different families so if you have children across multiple divisions, you will receive more than one email, specifying the needs of the families. We are truly blessed to have your support in helping others have a Merry Christmas! Intrmediate Family.pdf ... Continue reading "Christmas Families"

St. Charles Garnier’s CSC

Congratulations to this year’s St. Charles Garnier Catholic School Council, 2017-18.

Daiana Campoli                Chair

Ritsa D                               Co-Chair

Januario de Souza            Secretary

Hedy Gocool                    Treasurer

Council members also include Rosine Bishara , Cheryl H, Terrie LaCaria , Mary Masut, and LoriTarantini. There are 2 staff members ... Continue reading "St. Charles Garnier’s CSC"

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