Mathematica Math Contest

Congratulations to each of the PACE classes on a job well done in writing the Mathematica Math Contest.

Each school is ranked based on the top 3 highest scores.  St. Charles Garnier is proud to announce that Gr. 5 Pace ranked FIRST (along with seven other schools) out of 638 schools that participated in the Gr. 5 Fibonacci Math Contest.   Grade 6 PACE ranked 57th out of 894 schools with a score of 145, Grade 7 PACE ranked 16th out of 383 schools with a score of 116 and Grade 8 PACE also ranked FIRST  out of 358 schools with a score of 120.  We are very pleased that our students have learned much over the school year and encourage them to keep up the good work.   Thank you to all the PACE teachers and students for all your hard work!